Monday, June 21, 2010

Perfect Picture Creations Blog Hop

This is my first entry! My only hope is that I get better at scrapbooking and that I get a better camera...


  1. Hi Wendy! This is so awesome that you chose PPC for your first entry. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I struggle with my camera at times too! Great Job on your first entry. You layout is neat, the flower is wonderful and the bling goes really good with the picture. Congrat's on your blog and hope you have a ton of fun with it.

    Tamie -PPC Creator.

  2. yea! you got one posted :-) Here are my helpful hints on taking pictures of scrapbook pages & cards:
    1. go outside or be next to a large window (I know you have those!)
    2. turn off your camera's flash
    3. download GIMP to edit photos - it's free! and fairly easy to pick up on how to use
    Hope that Helps!

  3. Thank you Paula I will have to do that. Scraping late at night does not help! But the flower you taught me how to make turned out really pretty! :-)

  4. of course your flower turned out pretty.... they're FOOL proof (that means we can make them!) lol

  5. Oh, such gorgeous paper flowers! So glad you found us and decided to make your very first submission at PPC! Thanks for joining in this week :)

  6. Pretty LO! I think that flower is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Allison - PPC Creator

  7. I am so glad you decided to join us this week - your flower is amazing! Congrats on making your first entry and good luck with the blog - it's addictingly fun!!! :)

    Lori - PPC Creator

  8. Congratulations on your first entry! I just love that flower. You've done a great job :)

    I hope we see you next week at PPC

    Trish -PPC Creator

  9. Thank you, This was so much fun!