Friday, November 25, 2011

Advent Calendar

This is a fun project I started with one of my best friends at her house. She had an old cookie sheet that she painted silver and then we carefully spent hours creating small matchbox size boxes for the advent calendar...They didn't fit together right. So we went to the Dollar Tree and bought three packages of matches (for just $3.00) and I then carefully covered them in paper, so much easier!

Each little box has a small tag in it with a message for that day.  On the 17th I am having my annual cookie day and having an early Christmas celebration with my friend and her family so this little box has a cookie on it.

The final box has 12-25 and a Merry Christmas tag inside.


  1. Great Job Girlfriend! so glad you took that rusty cookie sheet off my hands ;-)

  2. Beautiful!!! I like the idea of covering the match boxes. Making so many little ones scared me. Congrats on a beautiful job well done.