Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gracie Gray

Sometimes with loss comes a new friend....My friend Paula recently lost a beloved pet guinea pig, Minos (he was an absolute stud piggie btw). In the process of talking about losing him and finding a new family member we got on and she was able to find an new member to her family, a beautiful little kitten by the name of Checkers. But, in the search I also found a new member to my family, Gracie Gray, a 1 & 1/2 year old Russian Blue cat. Already she has made a home for herself at the foot of my bed along with the place in my heart.


  1. awe, I'm so glad her transition is going well for you! Ours, not so smooth due to Evil Kitty (High Royalness, Sir Gigi of the Black Knights) is totally 100% P.O.d about the new tiny addition to our family. In fact just this morning, he not only kitty slapped my youngest in the face but he had himself a little hissy fit over the kitty in the mirror, yep that right... he believes there are three kitties in our house! Silly Boy will just have to get over himself and accept that Checkers isn't going anywhere, infact if my big boy had his way Speckles would have had a new home too... but I stood strong, then tried talking sneakily dh into it but he would budge so I stood firm! lol

    Hope to meet the new furbaby soon!

  2. I can see GiGi having a fit in the mirror! That realy did make me laugh out loud! Good luck girlfriend :-)