Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Little Reprieve

I spent a day with the "Scrap Addict" aka Paula. We worked on challenges  all day. My grandson and I had a blast at her little paradise in Arkansas. I have to honestly say that I have never walked away without a new idea or something that Paula had set aside just for me. This time I completed more challenges than I ever have, enjoyed the great company of a very good friend and my very own shelf  for my little scrap booking reprieve corner of the world (Thank you Ron! aka Paula's hubby). I still need to add a coat of paint but had to hang it up just to give it a trial run...I love it!



  1. it looks awesome! I can't believe he actually went out & made the shelf for you, he amazes me sometimes! lol now you'll have just a little more space on your desk while you're playing!

  2. I was completely surprised, and very grateful!!!