Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cards For Van's Trip to NYC

My friends son will be going to NYC with the University of Arkansas Children's Choir which he has been a part of for over 3 years

As a fund raiser she is going to make individualized specialty cards and sell them. I got to help out with the project yesterday and here are a couple that I worked on.

Winter Snowman

I did two of these, this one and another with blue watercolor pencils (I liked the green better)

Bridal Shower Invitation

This is one of 11 bridal shower invitations we made together. This is a 7 inch card that opens up to the individualized shower instructions....and Wow! they turned out FANTASTIC!

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  1. thanks so much for not only the shout-out but helping with the cards as well! I'm hoping to start putting together some more shaped cards to sell because like we talked about... anybody can do a square or rectange card, but not everybody has a cricut!