Monday, May 31, 2010


Since I too am a daughter there is something special to me about daughters. Don’t get me wrong because I also have a son, my only son that…well in my book is perfect (he’s not of course but pretty darn close!).

Today is Memorial Day, and as my daughters and I sat and ate I found myself watching them. My oldest and my first love is beauty and grace. Her name alone means “gazelle” (it also means Dorcas but that is a different blog). I think she may be falling in love. She was receiving TM’s from someone “new” and there was a special glow about her. This new man seems to make her happy. My Tabby is a very hard worker, and although she can be difficult at times, nothing gives me more pleasure than to see her, happy.

Then there is my Ariel (Lioness of God). I’m not sure how, but the universe has granted me the privilege of giving birth to my very best friend. Nothing gets by either of us. When she is happy, I can feel it. When she is sad…I feel that also.

Now, both my daughters have daughters of their own. Now their journey of motherhood, sisterhood and hopefully friendship has begun. What the future holds, only time will tell. I wish them both well.

P.S. No it's not Halloween just my boy having fun, yes in a skirt...

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  1. Great post, Wendy! I'm glad you all had a good day together :-)